Head SHot (1)With over 20 years experience, Michelle Reynolds, is a National Board Certified Educator & Florida Teacher (Birth through 6th grade), Life Coach, New Educator Instructional Coach, Clinical Educator and much more.
During her years in the system teaching students below level, experiencing behavioral issues as well as learning disabled students, was her passion!

Michelle Reynolds started Back 2 Basics in order to help bring her successful strategies to parents and educators and a simple goal of bring children and families Back to Basics. Michelle coaches’ educators through the Children’s Literacy Initiative in her surrounding area and is always learning, attending trainings and bringing new things to implement! She shares her hands-on literacy expertise through a variety of webinars, hands-on training, in-classroom experiences, home visits as well as customized plans, in-service hours, homeschool programs and more.

After ten years of working in the public schools focusing on diverse special needs populations, Michelle Reynolds opened Back 2 Basics Childcare in 2009 in her own home while her children were young and focused on creating a harmonious and organized environment with the opportunity to learn through developmentally appropriate activities and all types of sensory play. As she modified and learned new tactics for these young children she also was setting them up for academic success! The children in her daycare learned through play, were guided through therapy play and risk taking all while implementing beginning reading, writing, math and social science skills. Their development included emotional and social growth with mixed age levels and the young children blossomed into amazing students.

Now that her children are older, Michelle is a literary specialist looking to bring her expertise into your home or classroom. Michelle is ready to share the tactics and programs she continues to use with young students to met their academic, emotional and developmental needs!
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