How’s it going for you? Personally, I am loving it. I found the lazy summer mornings to be a hassle for me. As soon as I got up, the kids wanted something and I didn’t have time to stretch or even pee. With the start of school, I made a decision to wake up an… Continue reading

Routines at night are so important for children and adults. I will be honest with Kylie (9) being on the Dance Team this year our after school schedule has changed dramatically and we are still trying to work out the kinks. THE GOAL (which doesn’t always happen) 7:00pm Shower, teeth & PJ’s 7:30pm Lay in… Continue reading

I hear so many parents talking about the summer like its such a magical time. The time where families and children come together and eat smores by the fire while signing camp fire songs. Then reality sets in and you realize, it’s too frigg’n HOT to have a campfire and the kids are out of… Continue reading