Routines at night are so important for children and adults. I will be honest with Kylie (9) being on the Dance Team this year our after school schedule has changed dramatically and we are still trying to work out the kinks.

THE GOAL (which doesn’t always happen)

7:00pm Shower, teeth & PJ’s

7:30pm Lay in Mommy & Daddies bed together to watch a show

I know all the TV hounds will be at my throat for this one but bring it on! There are a lot of shows out there that have educational value… they are fewer and harder to find for a 9-year olds but we can still get Jay (5) to watch the really good reading and problem solving shows. Kylie is at dance during this time anyway so this is Jay’s time with one parent.

8:oopm Get in bed, reading time

8:30pm Lights out, Meditation Time

My children love meditation time. We have been blessed to meet many different people that work with children’s meditations. This is time for them to just be grounded and focus on their bodies and thoughts.

Once the meditation is over soft music plays through out the night.

Do you have an amazing routine you would like to share?

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