Do you feel like you have been given the materials and ‘told’ what to do but the instruction in reading is taking a backseat to understanding test scores and other data?

Teachers are pulled in so many directions these days, that the focus is not on HOW to teach reading but on the scores themselves.

At Back to Basics, we have hands-on material and specialized modules for customized reading programs for children birth through 3rd grade. These methods not only help children of all ages but also children with special needs benefit from this way of teaching. Instead of choosing one program we have combined what has worked through many modalities, along with brain science. Our signature training series is an online 6 module course (in service provided for an extra charge). This course focuses on the needs of high functioning students from preschool up to third grade and provides educators with tools, resources and information to help better manage and educate their students.

Michelle Reynolds, lead educator at B2B has over 20 years experience teaching children how to read. (Learn more about her here) Teaching children to read has always come easily to her and she has always had success even with children with special needs.

Remember that the age ranges are only a gauge. Your student may need to be in a younger age group depending on what the student needs are. All of the skills we teach build upon each other and if a student is missing one skill they may need to go back to reach mastery in that area.

In-service hours can be obtained if asked.

Reach out to Michelle if you are interested in learning more about her reading programs for teachers. Contact her by clicking here.

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