I hear so many parents talking about the summer like its such a magical time. The time where families and children come together and eat smores by the fire while signing camp fire songs.

Then reality sets in and you realize, it’s too frigg’n HOT to have a campfire and the kids are out of control! You don’t get a moment to pee without someone screaming or whining for a play date!

WHY can’t they entertain themselves for 15 minutes?
Do you feel this way, YET?

No judgment here, I was giggling when you were referring to summer as a magical time without schedules and agenda’s to follow!

Children need structure. They thrive on it. During summer many times parents get exciting about having all this open time for themselves and forget that the children will be lost. You will have to be creative and set them up with an activity every 15-30 minutes and they will want to interact with you a lot. I hope you didn’t think you were going to get work done?

Many of the behaviors that parents see during the summer is due to children actually being under-stimulated. Here in the USA we have an issue with balance. We either over or under “do” things.

Check out my Pinterest boards for some fun and easy play based ideas that will keep your children out of your hair and your potty time!

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