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How do you teach your child to read?

When do you start?

I want to help you met your child’s academic, emotional and developmental needs.

Let’s go back to reading basics with letter sounds, vowel patterns, phonics patterns and specific instruction on HOW to teach beginning reading and writing.

At Back to Basics, we have hands-on material and specialized modules to customized reading for children birth through third grade. These methods not only help children of all ages but also children with special needs benefit from this way of teaching.

Teaching children to read has always come easily too me and I have always had success even with children that have special needs. I have found that with the repetitive nature and different color schemes the brain is able to pick up the information quickly and retain it!

Remember that the age ranges are only a gauge. Your child may need to be in a younger age group depending on what your child needs. All of the skills I teach build upon each other and if a child is missing one skill they will need to go back to reach mastery there.

Contact me today to see if I am a good fit to help your child with reading.

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