How’s it going for you? Personally, I am loving it. I found the lazy summer mornings to be a hassle for me. As soon as I got up, the kids wanted something and I didn’t have time to stretch or even pee. With the start of school, I made a decision to wake up an hour before my kids. WHY?

Let’s look at it.
The Kids wake at 6:30am, I wake at 5:30am.
I get to wake up, stretch, make coffee and even sit and drink one full cup of coffee, BY MYSELF!

During this amazing 20 minutes in my own brain with a cup of warm joe, everything starts to fall into place. My mind is calm while I think about the day, what I am grateful for and the beauty of the surroundings in front of me. I make it a point to take this time outside because I am working in doors all day and breathing in the fresh outside air in the morning reminds me that there is so much more to life. Near the end of my first cup I go through my daily success tracker with all the things I would like to accomplish.

At 6:15 – yes I have timed it all out! I come in and am ready to start the day. First thing is to decided what’s for breakfast and if it needs to be heated or cooked, I get started. While I have that going I unload the dishwasher (it runs overnight). I am in love with this routine because unloading the dishwasher is something SO MANY complain about and yet it only take 2-4 minutes tops. My body enjoys it because it’s like a wake up stretch, placing things on top shelves and lower cabinet’s.

By 6:30, dishes are put away, breakfast is made for the kids and a smoothie is made for my husband. Time to wake everyone up.

Morning wake up in our house starts with the door opening and hallway lights turned on to flood the room slowly. No one likes to be woken up by someone turning on the light in the room!

Then I sit on one bed and rub my daughter’s back. Starting slowly and then more vigorously. I continue to do this down her legs and onto her scalp, which give the body a great wake up call and her nervous system a jolt of energy and blood flow. It usually ends with some laughter as well!

I move over to my son’s bed, he’s more of a sleepy head so I give him that extra time to listen to the laughter of his sister and soft noises to help wake him. I complete the same routine and it ends with laughter, along with the dog standing on edge to see if we all are ready to head out for breakfast.

Breakfast starts around 6:45, we all eat together outside. Giving the children the fresh air has really helped them start their day. I get to have a second cup of coffee while encouraging them to eat, talking about any dreams they may have had, how they slept or what the sunrise looks like. Perfect family time!

7:00 means time for business, breakfast is done and dirty dishes placed in the dishwasher. Yes, my 5 & 9 year old know that they need to clean the plate and place it in… I know that I get to constantly remind them. Brushing teeth & hair happens in our bathroom so we are all doing it together. WHY????

This way they get to brush and I get to see if they are really doing a good job. I’m controlling the situation without controlling them. AND the best teacher MODELS for their children!

While they get dressed, I place ice packs in their lunch boxes and fill their water bottles. 7:20am Out the door

Now I realize I didn’t get dressed and that is because in my morning routine I don’t bring the children to school, my husband does. If I had to get dressed I would shower and dress while they were getting dressed and we probably wouldn’t be out the door until 7:30, which means we would be late – this tells me that if I have to bring the kids to school, I better get up earlier and shower and dress before I even wake the kids.

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